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Our Benefits

Our Benefits

Want to learn more about our benefits? Here is what we are offering.

Starting pay: $17.00/hour
Employee overtime rate (after 40 hours): $25.50
Cell phone reimbursement / Transit reimbursement
Dental and Vision Insurance
Medical insurance plan for preventative services
Annual Physical exam at any Mobile Health Clinic
Critical Illness/ Accident / Life Insurance
Generous time off after being employed with Angel Care, Inc. for twelve (12) months
Up to 7 sick days (max 56 hours) - unused time carries over up to one year but yearly cap is 56 hours
Personal Days subject to availability
5 holidays paid at $22.50/hour (Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Christmas and Thanksgiving)
Vacation after 52 consecutive weeks worked (max 52 hours)- will be valid for 1 year while you accrue new time off
Optional In lieu of the aforementioned benefits, you may elect to have medical insurance with Emblem. After 3 months of being an employee at Angel Care Inc. working 30+ hours per week (consecutively), the employee will be qualified to receive employee health coverage that is ACA compliant with small contributions from the employee.

Wages are flexible. Call us today to speak to a recruiter to discuss your options!

Talk to us about a variety of Bonus options that Angel Care, Inc. offers to its current employees

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