Who Can Be Hired as a Caregiver for HCBS?

Who Can Be Hired as a Caregiver for HCBS?

Key requirements for HCBS staff members

Be at least 18 years old 01
Be able to follow written and verbal instructions 02
Have the ability and skills necessary to meet the waiver participant's needs that will be addressed through this service 03
Have a certificate to indicate that they have successfully completed a forty (40)-hour training program for Level II PCAs that is approved by DOH 04
Attend the approved DOH curriculum entitled "Home and Community Support Services 101" prior to providing billable services, and any additional training required by DOH 05
Attend six (6) hours of in-service education per year which includes NHTD waiver-specific training 06
Be in good physical health; including health and immunization requirements as per LHCSA regulations 07
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