Home Health Aides

Home health care is exactly what it sounds like - medical care provided in a comfort of a patient's home

With the progression of age, certain daily activities become more challenging. For our elderly loved ones, it can be close to Impossible to take good care of themselves without any assistance. This is where we come in!

Angel Care Inc provides a wide range of services specifically designed for those who need them most. Choosing Angel Care, Inc. Homecare means opting for a compassionate, convenient, and reliable care for your loved ones. Allow us to lift the burden of constant worry about the wellbeing of those you care about. Let us bring you the relief you need as we help you live again!

How our HHA’s care

  • Doctor’s Visits
  • Appointments
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Social Activities
  • Family Events
Activities of daily living
  • Bathing
  • Grooming
  • Dressing
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparation
  • Laundry

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Attend a Caregiver Training Course?

Taking a Home Health Aide Training will allow you to familiarize yourself with the standards of care in the industry and help you make better choices for your clients. The Home Health Aide Training will prepare you for the world of home care. You will learn how to shop for the patient, make the bed if it is still occupied, give a bed bath, maintain healthy diets for clients with dietary restrictions, and how to use tools like the hoyer lift and gait belt. These skills set you apart from other people and this is why clients come to you for service!

How Do I Apply for Caregiver Training Courses?

Angel Care, Inc. partners with many schools in the 5 boroughs and can help you find a training center close to home. We will put you in touch with facilities that will provide you with the training you need to excel in your position and become an A+ caregiver.

Bring home a certified, trusted caregiver who tends to your every personal care need. Angel Care staffs a vast team of multicultural paraprofessionals, who provide assistance with your activities of daily living.

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