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Which Waiver Services does Angel Care, Inc Offer?

Which Waiver Services does Angel Care, Inc Offer?

Home and Community Support Services (HCSS) are utilized when oversight and/or supervision as a discrete service is necessary to maintain the health and welfare of the participant living in the community.

Oversight and/or supervision may be needed for safety monitoring to prevent an individual from harmful activities (for example wandering or leaving the stove on unattended).

Oversight and/or supervision can be accomplished through cueing, prompting, direction and instruction.

If the applicant/participant does not require oversight and/or supervision, HCSS would not be appropriate. HCSS can also be provided to participants needing oversight and/or supervision, who also require assistance with personal care services.

Home and Community Support Services

Which Waiver Services does Angel Care, Inc Offer? Which Waiver Services does Angel Care, Inc Offer?

Personal Care services is defined as some or total assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL) such as dressing, bathing, hygiene/grooming, toileting, ambulation/mobility, transferring and eating, and/or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) such as housekeeping, shopping, meal preparation, laundry, transportation and telephone use essential to the maintenance of the participant's health and welfare in the community. HCSS can support this as long as the discrete oversight and/or supervision component is needed.

Since HCSS staff must be trained to the Personal Care Aide (PCA) Level, they will be able to perform the scope of personal care tasks and functions necessary for an individual who also requires oversight and/or supervision. The HCSS worker is never allowed to exceed this scope of practice.

Service Coordination

Service Coordination (SC) is an individually designed intervention which provides primary assistance to the waiver applicant/participant in gaining access to needed waiver and Medicaid State Plan services, as well as other local, state and federally funded educational, vocational, social, medical and any other services. These interventions are expected to result in assuring the waiver participant's health and welfare and increasing independence, integration and productivity.
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    The Service Coordinator (SC) will assist the applicants/participants in obtaining and coordinating the services that are necessary to return to or remain in the community.

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    The applicant/participant is the primary decision-maker in the development of goals, and selection of supports and individual service providers. The SC is responsible for assuring that the SP is implemented appropriately and supports the participant to become an effective self-advocate and problem solver. Together they work to develop and implement the SP, which reflects the participant's goals.

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    The SC assists the applicant/participant in the development of the individualized SP and will include those individuals chosen by the applicant/participant to also participate in the process. Following the approval of the SP, the SC will assist the waiver participant in implementing the plan, as well as reviewing its effectiveness.

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    Throughout his/her involvement with the waiver participant, the SC will support and encourage the waiver participant to increase his/her ability to problem-solve, be in control of life situations, and be independent. The SC will also assist the applicant/participant to complete the Plan of Protective Oversight (PPO).

Questions that a SC should explore with the participant include:

  • What are the participant's goals?
  • What can be done to help the participant fulfill his/her goals?
  • How can the participant be assisted to become a member of the community?
  • What can be done to assist the participant to be more independent?
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